CRETAGRO Ltd was founded in January 2009, based in Heraklion Crete.

Exclusive partnerships with known brands, Cretagro offers in Crete and Dodecanese, a wide range of organic and inorganic fertilizers, common fertilizer, N, P, NP, NPK, especially stabilized fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers and raw materials, suitable for all crops.

Nutritional products for conventional and organic agriculture.

Vegetable seeds for outdoor and greenhouse crops (tomato, pepper cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, beetroot, watermelon, corn, spinach, etc.) varieties “starring” in the Greek market.

With significant market share in the seed potato varieties known spunta, kenebek. With new highly productive potato varieties (banba, burren, savanna, slaney etc.) some of which are suitable for organic cultivation.

Plant protection products for conventional and organic agriculture.

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